Erasmus Offer

Erasmus Student Network cardholders can book a Ryanair flight (at least 28 days in advance) and get a 10% discount off 4 one-way international flights or 2 return flights, plus a FREE 20kg Check-in Bag.

Note, you will not be able to avail of the Erasmus offer on the Ryanair App. To see applicable travel periods and other T&Cs click here.

Get an ESNcard from any ESN section available in over 40 countries across Europe and register your card on, and then save your ESNcard details to your myRyanair profile.

Register at and return to to activate your discount by adding your ESNcard number (under the barcode) to your myRyanair profile. The offer only applies to flights booked using the dedicated myRyanair Erasmus section.

If you are getting an “already in use” message, it’s likely your ESNcard number is assigned to another Ryanair account. Try using another email address while logging in or else log in to the platform with Facebook or Google.

  • Ensure you have registered as a cardholder at (by yourself);
  • Add your ESNcard number to your user profile;
  • Check for any spelling mistakes or unnecessary spaces in your first name and/or surname either in your user profile or your myRyanair validation section;
  • Check that your full name is spelt the same way on both your profiles on and myRyanair;
  • Check you have entered the same date of birth on both platforms;
  • On your myRyanair profile, check that you’ve entered your HOME university name (the one you come from) as opposed to your host university name (the one where you are going to for your exchange). Please select the same HOME university on both platforms.