Travel Agent Bookings

Booking with Travel Agents

Third-party travel agents are companies who do not have any commercial agreements with Ryanair to sell our flights and products. These companies make their profits by adding their own commissions to Ryanair flights and products, which means customers who book through them often pay more than customers who book directly with Ryanair.

Some third-party travel agents often do not pass on to us your personal contact and / or payment details, which means we cannot contact you with important updates of your booking or process refunds directly to you.

We advise that customers only book Ryanair flights directly through the Ryanair App and the Ryanair website, and to always check the website’s URL for 

If you have been asked to verify your identity, it is because your booking has been flagged as having been made by a third-party travel agent that has no commercial agreement with Ryanair to sell our flights. 

Many of these third-party travel agents use their own email address, phone number, and payment information - not yours – so that only they can manage the booking. This means we often don’t have your information. They may also complete the Ryanair check-in process on behalf of their customers in breach of our General Terms and Conditions of Carriage. For your safety and security, and for the safety and security of your fellow passengers and our crew, the check-in process must be completed by you personally, by a passenger on your booking, or by a duly authorized natural person with personal knowledge of you and of the contents of your luggage – not a bot or third-party travel agent. Verifying your booking also ensures that we have the correct contact information for you so that we can contact you with important itinerary information, including in the event of schedule changes, delays or other service disruptions.

When making bookings, third party travel agents may not provide us with any of your personal information other than your name. They often book with their own email address, phone number and payment information – not yours. This is problematic because third party travel agents often:

  • Use their own payment card which makes it difficult for us to refund you directly in the event of cancellation. By using their own card and not yours, this does not provide you with any visibility over the actual cost of the Ryanair flight, ancillary service or any other service provided by Ryanair. For example, we are aware of some third-party travel agents charging customers for services that we provide for free. In one case, a third-party travel agent charged a name change fee when we provided the name change for free! 
  • Data privacy concerns. We are aware of cases where third party travel agents inputted the wrong email address when making a booking resulting in the customer’s booking confirmation email being sent to another individual.
  • Unlawfully check-in and make dangerous goods declarations on your behalf. We have a legal obligation to obtain certain declarations from you, i.e. that your baggage does not contain dangerous goods. These declarations must be made by you as a passenger or by a duly authorized natural person with personal knowledge of you and of the contents of your luggage – not by a third-party travel agent or a bot.
  • Creates customer service issues. When you contact Customer Support about an issue, we ask you to answer some security questions to verify that we are talking to the customer on the booking. Passengers who book through third party travel agents often have difficulty answering the security questions because the third-party travel agent has provided us with their own information, and not yours. Therefore, you as the customer often cannot confirm the email address used to make the booking or the last four digits of the card used to make the booking. This, in turn, means that Customer Support are unable to help you as they cannot be sure they are talking to the customer on the booking. 

If you have been asked to verify your booking, you have the following three options.

1. Express Verification uses facial recognition technology provided by our partner GetID. We know that not everyone is comfortable with facial recognition tools so we offer other booking verification options as outlined below. To complete the process, you will need to

  1. provide your booking reference and passenger name;
  2. log into or sign-up to a myRyanair account;
  3. pay the £/€0.59 fee to cover the cost of GetID’s facial recognition technology; 
  4. provide a photograph of your travel documentation (i.e., passport or identification card);
  5. take a photo of your face to verify the travel documentation which you provided;
  6. carry out a liveness check of your face by performing some actions you will be asked to do (you will require a device with a camera for this); and
  7. provide your phone number.

You will receive an instant confirmation where your booking has been successfully verified using the Express Verification Process. Once verification is complete, you can access and manage your booking yourself. To start Express Verification, please click below:

Start Express Verification

2. Standard Verification involves: 

  1. providing your booking reference and passenger name;
  2. logging into or signing-up to a myRyanair account;
  3. uploading a photo of your signature;
  4. uploading a picture of your passport or national identification card; and
  5. providing your phone number 

Standard Verification is provided free of charge. Once your booking has been verified through the Standard Verification process, we will email you with confirmation instructions advising you on how to check-in online. Once verification is complete, you can access and manage your booking yourself. 

To start Standard Verification, please click below:

Start Standard Verification

3. In-person verification involves completing the verification process at the check-in desk in the airport. You must arrive to the check-in desk at least 120 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time and complete the verification process with one of our agents. Once the agent has confirmed your identity and ensured you are on notice of relevant safety and security requirements, they will check you in.

While verification at the airport is free of charge, you will be required to pay an airport check-in fee as set out in our Table of Fees here

You will need your Ryanair booking reference which the third-party travel agent should have provided you with. This is a 6-digit code containing a mixture of letters and numbers e.g., ABCD12, which is unique to your booking. If you do not have access to the Ryanair booking reference associated with your booking, you will need to contact the third-party travel agent who made the booking and ask them to provide it to you. You will also need a form of identification with a photo/signature on it (national ID card or passport) and device (e.g., phone, tablet, laptop) with a camera. 


You can begin Verification by clicking here.

You will need your Ryanair booking reference (PNR) this is a 6-digit code containing a mixture of letters and numbers e.g., ABCD12, which is unique to your booking.

You will also need a myRyanair account (you can create a new one in the process if you do not have one), a device with a camera and a passport or national identity card with your signature on it.

We do send emails asking passengers to complete the verification process to comply with safety and security requirements and to ensure we can contact you directly with updates regarding your booking. If you have received an email from Ryanair asking you to verify, it is legitimate. The third-party travel agent may also send you an email telling you to verify. If so, please ensure that you verify on the Ryanair website (always check the website’s URL for or on the Ryanair mobile app.  

Third party Travel Agents often use fake email addresses to make bookings. This means when you try to retrieve your booking you can’t, because you do not know what email they used. To verify, you do not need to know this email address. You only need the booking reference (PNR) and your name. During the process, you will be asked to log in to or create a myRyanair account associated with your real email address, which will move the booking to your own account. 

If there is more than 1 person on the booking, ask them to complete verification. Otherwise, you will need to go to the airport and complete your name change and check in there. If the third-party travel agent made a mistake when entering your name in the booking, we recommend you reach out to them and ask them to reimburse you for the charge. 

Ensure the name on your booking matches the name on your passport. Ensure there is no glare, the photo is not blurry, the full document is in frame, the signature is in view and your hand is not blocking any part of the document. Continue attempting until prompted otherwise.