Useful Information

The below options may assist with your query:

  • If your query is about documents required for travelling, click here. This will direct you to our Help page where you can find all the country specific travel restrictions information. Please note that our contact centre agents cannot confirm the entry restrictions that may apply to you as these are country specific. Please check your destination government website;
  • If your flight has operated or is due to operate, note there is no reimbursement of either a voucher or cash due, as Ryanair tickets are generally not refundable (unless Article 10 of Ryanair’s General Terms & Conditions of Carriage applies);
  • If your query relates to a Refund or Covid-19 Travel Voucher, please click here where you can find helpful information on Ryanair Wallet and Covid-19 Travel Vouchers;
  • If you booked through a third-party online travel agent, please click here where you can find everything you need to know about online travel agents.

If the above options do not answer your query, please click here to visit our Help Centre where you may find additional information.