Making a Name Change

  1. Click ‘My Bookings’ on Ryanair’s website or ‘My trips’ on the mobile app. 
  2. Log into your myRyanair account.
  3. Select ‘Manage this booking’ on the booking you need to change.
  4. Select the ‘Change a name’ option and choose the name(s) you want to change.
  5. Edit the  passenger name(s) and then click ‘Check the price’.
  6. Confirm if you want to proceed with name change.
  7. You will be brought to the payment page
  8. Enter in your payment details and click ‘Pay Now’. You’ll then receive an updated email itinerary with the updated name change.
  9. Once the change is confirmed, you will be brought back to the upcoming trip page.

Change Name

We allow name changes on all bookings.

  • Full name changes can be made online up to 24 hours before scheduled departure, or by contacting us or at the airport up to 2 hours before scheduled departure subject to a fee, see our table of fees. The fee will be higher if you contact us and changes will be made through our Customer Service Team.
  • Changes must be made to all the flights in your booking;
  • You can swap the first name with the last name free of charge once for each passenger up to 48 hours after making your booking in case a mistake was done filling the passenger(s) details.
  • Up to three characters per name can be changed free of charge once, up to 48 hours before scheduled departure.

We do not require middle names or second/double-barrelled surnames for flight bookings.

Yes. If you booked your flight using your maiden/married name, and you update your name in the passport before the date of travel, we will make the name change on your booking for you free of charge. You’ll need to have proof (copy of your marriage cert). Please contact us on chat on our website to make this change.

Yes. However, you will have to pay our name change fee. You may not change the name if one of the flights has already departed. See our Table of Fees.

Yes. However, you will need to contact us to get unchecked from your flight. Then, you can make the change online or through the App.

If you received an error/payment declined alert when making name changes online, the change may not have been processed correctly and may need to be done again. You might need to use another form of payment or contact us.