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  Your myRyanair Account

You can enjoy faster and simpler flight bookings, and other services while at the same time increasing online security. “My Ryanair” members will also receive special offers and exclusive early access to flash sales.

Flight Credit

The Ryanair Rooms Flight Credit initiative allows myRyanair customers to earn Flight Credit worth 5% of the value of any Ryanair Rooms accommodation booking made via their myRyanair account. The Flight Credit can be redeemed against a Ryanair international flight booking. This section of the dashboard displays any credit that you have available to redeem along with any pending credit.

 Passenger Information

The “Passenger” section of your myRyanair account allows you to save your personal information and document details which can be easily edited.
You can also save your companions details here which allows you to book flights faster.


Book flights faster when you securely save your payment details to your myRyanair account. If your saved card has expired you will be prompted up date your new card details.