Delayed Flight

If your flight is expected to be delayed for two hours or more (for flights up to 1,500km) or three hours or more (for intra-EU flights over 1,500km and other flights between 1,500km and 3,500km) you will receive assistance at the airport, including meal coupons. Flights can be cancelled for reasons beyond our control, for example, ATC strike, adverse weather condition, medical emergencies, etc. If your delay extends to the next day, we will oftentimes provide hotel accommodation and transportation between the airport and the accommodation.

Contact us before arranging transport because if we cannot provide the specified care we will reimburse your reasonable receipted expenses that you submit here.

Additionally, you may choose among the following options, as applicable:

  1. Take your original flight at its new departure time or;
  2. Request to be rerouted, under comparable transport conditions, to your final destination at the earliest opportunity or at a later date at your convenience, subject to availability of seats or;
  3. Change your flight to new times/dates on the same route for free here. 

You may also be entitled to compensation as set out in the following notice of your right under EU regulation 261/2004. Entitlement for compensation for delayed flights depends on eligibility criteria. There are only a smallnumber of cases where passengers are entitled to compensation for cancelled flights. Flights can be cancelled for reasons beyond our control, for example ATC strikes, adverse weather conditions, medical emergencies, etc. Ifcircumstances are beyond Ryanair’s control, you will not be entitled to compensation. Check to see if you are entitled to receive compensation by clicking here. Ryanair operates over 2,800 flights per day so it can take 24-96 hours for our operations team to establish why a flight has been cancelled. Please be rest assured it is a priority for us to resolve all potential claims as quickly as we can.

For delays of 5 hours or more, if you choose not to travel, you can request a refund here, however, please bear in mind that most refund applications are unsuccessful due to situations that are outside of Ryanair’s control meaning we are not obliged to pay you a refund.

If we have contacted you and sought to provide assistance as required by Regulation EU261 but you have nonetheless decided to make your own arrangements on this regard, please bear in mind you might not be entitled to be reimbursed any additional costs you incurred.