Postural Support Aids

If you wish to use one of the accepted postural aids onboard (see list below), please ensure that you contact us at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure time, although we would recommend to add your postural support at the time of booking to inform us and we will allocate a seat that is suitable to the support system, free of charge.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept postural support aids for use on-board if they have not been approved by an aviation authority such as EASA, IAA,UK CAA,FAA or a similar body. There are a number of child restraints and postural supports that are accepted for use onboard our aircraft. Ryanair do not provide these items. These supports may be used in addition to an aircraft safety belt, subject to certain safety restrictions.

Unfortunately we are unable to permit the use of postural supports for children under 2 years.

Information on these products listed below can be found on the internet through the links below and we recommend you research this information before making your booking to see if your needs can be met. The following postural supports are permitted for use onboard which must be supplied and fitted by the passenger:

  1. Meru Travel Chair (provided by the passenger)

The Meru Travel Chair provides postural support for children aged approximately 3 – 11 years who are unable to use the aircraft seating when flying on commercial aircraft.

  1. Crelling Harness (provided by the passenger)

HSB1 - This support consists of shoulder straps only, which are designed to convert a simple belt into a supportive harness - Suitable for passengers from 9 years to adult.
Model 27 - This is a full 5 point harness designed to offer additional support and is suitable for passengers from 2 years to adult. Passengers using postural supports must be accompanied by an adult (over 16).
The Crelling harness must be used as per manufacturer’s instructions (weight, age, installation) and it would be helpful for passengers to have the installation instructions available for reference on board.

  1. Amsafe CARES (Child Aviation Restraint System) (provided by the passenger)

This is a belt and buckle device that attaches directly to the aircraft seat and is used in conjunction with the aircraft seatbelt. It is designed specifically for aviation use for children who weigh between 22 and 44 pounds (10kg - 20kg). 
The restraint must be provided by the passenger themselves and must be used as per the manufacturer's instructions (weight, age, installation) and it would be helpful for passengers to have the installation instructions available for reference on-board. 
A passenger using the CARES restraint must be accompanied by an adult (over 16). 

  1. Firefly GoTo Seat Size 2 (provided by the passenger)

This is a lightweight, portable seating solution for children 2-5 years needing additional postural support and stability.

  1. Burnett Body Support (provided by the passenger)

The system is based around a sealed welded casing filled with micro beads, which flow to mould to an individual's profile. By extracting the air via a valve the casing contracts and the beads static nature bring them together to provide a mould. This system is available in different sizes to meet the physical dimensions of the individual passenger. 
The above information is for passengers, who cannot sit upright unaided and who do not meet the criteria for sitting on an adults lap or for using a car seat onboard.