10 kg reģistrētā bagāža


Are you planning to shop? Why not buy our 10 kg checked baggage?

Our 10 kg checked baggage offers a cheaper way to check in luggage, and customers can also pack more liquid in 10 kg luggage on wheels and go to the boarding exit free of charge. Customers will register their baggage at our baggage claim counter prior to security screening.


 10 kg checked baggage

Visiem pasažieriem ir atļauts pārvadāt vienu mazu personīgo bagāžas vienību (40x20x25 cm), kuru var ērti novietot zem priekšā esošās sēdvietas. Piemēri: rokassoma, datorsoma, neliela mugursoma. Klientiem, kuri nav iegādājušies prioritārās iekāpšanas pakalpojumu, bet kuri vēlas ceļot ar otru lielāka izmēra somu uz ritenīšiem (svarā līdz 10 kg), ir jāsamaksā par 10 kg reģistrēto bagāžu. Lai uzzinātu vairāk, skatiet tālāk.


 10 kg reģistrētās bagāžas pievienošana

Rezervācijas laikā, reģistrēšanās laikā vai papildpakalpojumos varat pievienot 10 kg reģistrēto bagāžu. To var pievienot līdz 40 minūtēm pirms izlidošanas, izmantojot lietotni, kas ir pieejama jūsu ceļojuma papildpakalpojumos.



10 kg checked baggage costs from 12.99 € / £ 10 to 35.99 € / £ depending on the chosen route and travel dates. Please note that this product is non-refundable after purchase.

Customers who have not purchased a priority boarding service and who have not added luggage at the time of booking can still pay for a 10 kg piece of luggage on wheels, at the airport at the baggage claim counter or at the boarding exit, paying € 45.99 / £.


Baggage check-in

We recommend checking in as soon as possible. Luggage counters open two hours before the scheduled departure time.

Baggage counters are closed exactly 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time. If you miss the deadline, your reservation may be canceled without compensation and you may be denied boarding.


  Medical equipment  

Passengers who require medical equipment are allowed to bring this equipment into the cabin free of charge, provided that this equipment has been previously inspected by our special assistance team.


  The best tips

To confirm which items of luggage you have currently booked for your trip, log in to your active trip and select "Review trip itinerary". The price breakdown will indicate which pieces of luggage you have reserved for the flight. Duty-free luggage items are also allowed in the cabin along with your hand luggage. Please note that guests whose free hand luggage unit is not included in the baggage allowance must pay a baggage fee of € 45.99 / £ at the boarding exit; this baggage is marked and placed in the hold of the aircraft and can be picked up at the airport of destination at the baggage conveyor belt.