FAQs – Visa Capture

All non-EU/EEA citizens with a restricted boarding pass will have the option to upload their visa documentation to their myRyanair app. Uploading your visa documentation is voluntary and all passengers are still required to complete a visa check in the airport prior to departure.

This option ensures a record of the required visa documentation is maintained, necessary for potential challenges from immigration or border control at the destination. It will demonstrate that appropriate the documentation was presented at the point of departure, to prevent fines and penalties associated with transporting a passenger lacking the necessary documents, and to avoid criminal enforcement in case of failure to present the correct documents on arrival.

It is the responsibility of each traveller to ensure that they have proper visa documentation to travel to their destination. In the event of a failure to present valid visa documentation upon arrival at their destination, both the airline and the passenger could face legal claims or criminal enforcement by immigration , border control and local law enforcement authorities. Uploading your visa documentation to the Ryanair app will ensure a record of the necessary visa documentation presented at boarding. Should an unforeseen event occur prior to presenting to immigration at your destination country, the uploaded visa documentation can serve as a record that the passenger had the required documents at the time of departure.

If you choose to upload your visa documentation, you will need to:

  • Log into or sign up to a myRyanair account.
  • Check in for your upcoming flight.
  • If you are required to have a visa for your destination, you will have the option to upload (a) your passport photo page and (b) your visa document.
  • Choose “Add Visa Document” and take a photo of your visa in the app or upload a photo.
  • Confirm that the photo you are uploading is correct.

You will receive instant confirmation where your visa document has been successfully uploaded. Once you have uploaded a copy of your visa, your boarding pass will be updated to include a green “Visa documentation uploaded” message. If you do not upload your visa documentation, your boarding pass will show a red “no visa documentation uploaded” message.

The copy of your visa will remain in the app for 48 hours.

Immigration authority rules require Ryanair to carry out manual visa checks in the airport before permitting passengers that require a visa to board our flights. To protect the safety and security of your documents, airport staff will not have direct access to the uploaded picture of your visa. Our airport staff will carry out a manual inspection of your visa documentation and compare this to the copy of the visa uploaded to your myRyanair app. This check will be carried out at the check-in desk and you will be asked to show the copies of your passport and visa saved in your booking.

Ryanair generally retains a copy of your visa for 18 months. This helps us defend against any legal claims or enforcement actions brought against Ryanair or you as a passenger where correct or valid visa documentation cannot be provided to border control or immigration in your destination.

We may retain a copy of your documents for a longer period in order to meet our legal obligations or to deal with complaints, queries, regulatory requirements, for audit purposes, and relevant entry requirements.

Only certain employees that have a specific need to review visa documentation will have access including our Immigration department which has expert knowledge of visa requirements, our Legal department in the context of any potential claim from the country of destination and restricted members of our IT team to ensure technical efficiency of the process.

Ground agents do not have access to your visa documentation other than viewing this information in the app on your device when they asked to see your saved visa documents as part of the visa checks on check-in.