How to book a flight and fare type comparison



  To book a flight, we recommend you self-serve on our site to save time and money!

    1. Select in the Flights tab the departure airport, the destination airport, either return or one way, and passengers, ensure to select the correct passenger type. At the time of travel, adults need to be over 16 years, teens are between 12 and 15 years, infants should be less than 2 years old on the day the flight is booked.
    2. Next you'll be shown the available flight times which include departure/arrival times, and cost.
    3. Choose your desired flight time and select the fare type that best suits your trip (see below for details on fare types).
    4. Then enter in passenger names according to their passenger type.
    5. You’ll then review and add your trip extras and continue to the payment page.
    6. Enter in your payment details, you can review your price breakdown and your flight details before you confirm your flight. Lastly, select ‘Pay Now’ and you’ve booked your flight! Once confirmed, your reservation number will appear on the screen, and you will receive your booking confirmation via email. If a passenger will be moving to a different passenger type during their trip, two one-way flights will need to be purchased. Click below for "Details on Passenger Types" for further details.
Details on passenger types

Fare Types

Value Regular Plus Family Plus Flexi Plus

The Value Fare is our cheapest fare option, and is perfect for passengers that are travelling light with a small amount of items.

Includes: One small cabin bag

The Regular Fare is Ryanair's newest fare class offering valuable travel extras for frequent flyers.

Includes: Priority & 2 Cabin bags (one small cabin bag and 10kg wheelie bag onboard); Reserved standard seat (Rows 18-33 included)

Plus is Ryanair's fare class offering leisure travelers, holidaymakers and city breakers a tailored bundle of discounted travel extras.

Includes: One small cabin bag, 20kg Check-in bag, Free airport check-in, Reserved standard seat (Rows 18-33 included)

Family Plus is designed to make travelling as a family as smooth as possible, with fantastic travel extras that will tailor each family's needs.

Includes: One small cabin bag (each passenger/each way), One 20kg Check-in bag, 10kg Check-in Bag (each passenger/each way), Free seats for kids under 12 (so everyone sits together with discounted standard seats)

Flexi Plus is Ryanair's Premium flying fare that includes loads of great services and travel flexibility.

Includes: Priority & 2 cabin bags, Any reserved seat, Flexible tickets, Free airport check-in, Security fast track.

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