I couldn’t travel due to a serious or life-threatening illness. Can I get a refund?

Ryanair strongly recommends that all passengers take out travel insurance to protect themselves against unforeseen circumstances affecting their trip. Please contact your travel insurance provider in relation to any claims you may wish to raise if you are not able to travel due to a serious or life-threatening illness.

If you become seriously or terminally ill and unable to travel before the trip, and the date of diagnosis is within 6 weeks of your booked flight, Ryanair may refund you the cost of your flight ticket in the form of travel credit, upon submission of suitable evidence as indicated in our Serious Illness Form.

In support of your request, you must upload documentation from a medical professional on surgery/ hospital headed paper signed and dated within six weeks of your booked flight, clearly identifying the illness selected in the form and confirming the customer’s inability to fly as a result of this illness. Please redact any additional personal information in the documentation that does not relate to the specific illness selected above.

Serious illness requests are considered on a case-by-case basis at our reasonable discretion. We will review the documentation uploaded to confirm that it aligns with the information submitted in the refund request form and notify you of our determination as soon as possible.

We don’t offer refunds for common ailments and illnesses (e.g., influenza, gastroenteritis, chicken pox, conjunctivitis) or for routine medical procedures such as hospital appointments or pre-planned treatments.