What items are permitted on board?

  • Medical Items

You can bring your medical equipment on board, free of charge, in addition to your small personal bag, subject to pre-clearance by our Special Assistance Team.

If you wish to carry or use a Special Medical item on board, you’ll need to contact us. They will determine if your request can be approved and provide authorisation to carry the item.

  • Duty-free

Your duty-free bag is permitted in the cabin along with your cabin bags.

  • Drones/Quadcopters

Lithium battery operated devices such as drones and quadcopters are accepted for carriage in the cabin once the battery does not exceed 160-watt hours. If the battery exceeds 160 watt-hours, the device cannot be accepted on board the aircraft.

  • Parachutes/Paragliding Wings

An avalanche rescue pack with one nitrogen/air cylinder in either your cabin or checked baggage is permitted. 

Parachutes of any type, recreational or sports, or paragliding wings (also known as 'canopy') can be accepted for carriage as checked-in or carry-on baggage, subject to the standard restrictions for size and weight.

These packs may contain an auxiliary or emergency 'chute' and a barometric mechanical activating (auto-release) device. The parachute pack must not contain pyrotechnics or smoke canisters, as these accessories may not be carried on the aircraft.