Priority & 2 Cabin Bags



In a hurry? Act fast and purchase Priority & 2 Cabin bags!

Priority & 2 Cabin Bags gives you the benefit of boarding the plane via the Priority Queue and carrying your small personal bag (40x20x25cms) and 10kg wheelie bag (55x40x20cm) with you on board. This will mean you won't need to wait for your bag at the terminal at the destination.

 Priority & 2 Cabin Bags

Passengers with Priority & 2 Cabin Bags, a Regular Fare/Flexi Plus or a connecting flight ticket can bring 1 small cabin bag which must fit under the seat in front of them (40cm x 20cm x 25cm). Priority customers can also bring an additional 10kg bag on board which must fit into the baggage sizer (not exceeding 10kg and dimensions 55cm x 40cm x 20cm) and will be stored in the overhead locker.
We recommend you act fast and purchase priority as this will quickly sell out.

 How to add Priority

You can add Priority & 2 Cabin Bags at the time of booking, during check-in, or in your trip extras. Sign into your Active trip and scroll down to your trip extras. Click “Add to Trip” and follow the steps.
You can purchase Priority & 2 Cabin Bags on the web up to 2 hours pre-departure or on the go using the Ryanair app up to 40 minutes before your flight departs.

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Priority & 2 Cabin Bags costs between €/£6 to €/£35.99, and is non-refundable. It cannot be switched between passengers or to other bag options.


Permitted items on-board

As a priority customer, you will carry your 10kg wheelie bag with you on-board. Click below to review our permitted and restricted items in the cabin.

Permitted/Restricted items

  Medical Items 

Passengers with medical equipment can still bring these items on board free of charge subject to pre-clearance by our special assistance team.

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How to view your itinerary purchases

To confirm which bags you currently have booked for your trip, log into your booking in your active trip and select “view itinerary.” In the price breakdown it will list which bags you have booked for your flight.

If priority is sold out you can purchase our 10kg Check-in Bag.


Oversized Cabin Bags

Oversized cabin baggage will be refused at the boarding gate, or where available, placed in the hold of the aircraft for a fee of €/£ 69.99 (fee subject to VAT on domestic flights at applicable government rates). If you are unsure whether your bag is the correct size, check it at the Bag Drop desk before going through security.

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