Confirm your booking


Unsure if your flight is confirmed? Check booking status with these steps.

  Confirmed Booking

If the booking is confirmed the flight details will display on screen with the details of the flights booked and amount charged to the form of payment.

You will also receive an email confirmation containing your itinerary and reservation number.
Please check your spam folders in case our email has been filtered from your inbox.

  Payment Pending

If your payment is pending – it’s most likely because your payment is in the queue and we are still awaiting approval for the payment from the bank. Please wait 24 hours to allow credit/debit card company to process this payment.
You can check in My Bookings, choose the trip and select ‘Manage My Booking’ to see if payment is successful. Your booking will be confirmed once you receive an emailed itinerary.

  Payment Declined

When the payment initially declines you will be given another opportunity to return to the payment page and re-enter your payment details again or enter a new form of payment.
If the payment is declined for a second time the flights will be automatically cancelled as your payment was not successfully authorized. You will need to make a new reservation by re-selecting flights to start again.

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