Requirements for Passports and Visas


It is each passenger's responsibility to carry a travel document which meets the requirements of Ryanair immigration and other authorities. You can check visa and passport requirements by contacting the Consulate or Embassy of the country you are planning to visit.
All non EU passport holders, travelling into a Schengen member country are obliged to ensure that their passport is valid for at least 3 months from the date of their departure from the Schengen member country. This requirement does not apply to holders of a Schengen issued residence permit or long term visas.

If you are using a British passport to travel into a Schengen/EU member country (excluding Ireland), as of 1 January 2021, you must make sure that your passport:

  • is valid for at least three months from the date you will leave the Schengen/EU member country, unless you have a Schengen-issued residence permit or long-term visa
  • is issued within the previous 10 years upon the date of arrival into the Schengen/EU member country

If you are travelling on an Irish or UK domestic route, the above will not apply to you.

Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure your passport is valid to travel to/from the Schengen/EU country.

 Domestic Travel Requirements

Driving licenses are not acceptable for travel with Ryanair between the UK and Ireland. No exceptions will be made. The travel documents required for domestic flights differ from country to country.

 New Travel Document

If you have new travel document details on your return flight, you will need to contact our reservations department and a staff member will make the adjustments to your booking.