10kg Check-in Bag


Planning to shop? Why not purchase our 10kg Check-in Bag?

Our 10kg Check-in bag offers a cheaper checked bag option, plus customers can also pack more liquids into a 10kg wheelie bag and walk to the boarding gate 'hands free.' Customers will check-in their bag at our bag drop desk prior to entering security.

  10kg Check-in Bag

All passengers are entitled to bring 1 small personal bag on board which must fit under the seat in front of you (40cm x 20cm x 25cm). Examples include, handbag, laptop bag and small backpack.
Non-priority customers who wish to bring a second larger wheelie bag (10kg weight) must purchase the 10kg Check-in Bag. To learn more, see below.

 How to add 10kg Check-in Bag

You can add the 10kg Check-in Bag at the time of booking, during check-in, or in your trip extras. This can be added until 40 minutes prior to your flight departure via the app in your trip extras.


The pricing for the 10kg Check-in Bag costs between €/£12.99 to €/£35.99 depending on the route and travel date selected. Please be advised once purchased this product is non-refundable.


Non-priority customers who have not added a bag to their booking can still purchase a 10kg check-in bag at the airport bag drop desk or at the boarding gate for €/£45.99.

Checking in your bag

We recommend that you check-in baggage as early as possible, the Bag Drop desks open two hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.
The Bag Drop desks close strictly 40 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. If you miss this deadline your booking could be cancelled without refund and you could be prevented from boarding the plane

  Medical Items 

Passengers with medical equipment can still bring these items on board free of charge subject to pre-clearance by our special assistance team.

  Top Tips

To confirm which bags you currently have booked for your trip, log into your booking in your active trip and select “view itinerary.” In the price breakdown it will list which bags you have booked for your flight.
Duty free bags are also permitted in the cabin along with your cabin baggage.
Please note: if a customer’s free small bag doesn’t fit in the bag sizer, the customer will have to pay a gate bag fee €/£45.99 and their bag will be tagged and placed in the aircraft hold and will be collected at the baggage belt in the destination.