Seat Rules

Seat Policy

Ryanair offers the option to purchase reserved seats or free seats, which are assigned randomly during check-in. Passengers who choose ‘random seat allocation’ can check in between 24 hours and 2 hours before the flight departure time.

If you purchase a seat at the time of booking, during check-in, or at any point leading-up to your flight, you can choose where to sit and that seat will be reserved for you. Online check-in opens 60 days before the scheduled departure time if you have purchased an allocated seat.

The price of a reserved seat depends on where you choose to sit on the aircraft.

If you choose not to pay to reserve a seat, your seat will be assigned to you free of charge when you check in, between 24 hours and 2 hours prior to departure.

We recommend that you reserve your seat when booking or when checking in to guarantee a seat beside your travel companions. If you choose not to reserve a seat, then a seat will be randomly allocated to you free of charge when checking in, but it is unlikely it will be beside your travel companions.

For safety reasons, children under the age of 12 must sit beside an accompanying adult, and infants (aged 8 days to 23 months inclusive) must sit on an accompanying adult’s lap. It is mandatory for an adult travelling with children under 12 (excl. infants) to reserve a seat. A maximum of four children for every one adult on the same booking will receive a reserved seat free of charge. This ensures parents of young children sit together during the flight. This will also allow you to check-in for your flight 60 days before departure. It is not mandatory for any other adults or teenagers in the booking to reserve a seat, however they may choose to do so if they wish to seat with the rest of the family.

Yes. You can change your seats by going to My Booking and selecting ‘change seats’ on your upcoming trip.

No. Reserved seats cannot be removed from your booking, and refunds are not possible once purchased.

Please see Article 10 of Ryanair’s GTCC for more details on our Refund policy. General Terms and Conditions of Carriage.