When I try to check in, I am being asked to verify my booking. Why?

If you have been asked to verify your identity, it is because your booking has been flagged as having been made by a third-party travel agent that has no commercial agreement with Ryanair to sell our flights. 

Many of these third-party travel agents use their own email address, phone number, and payment information - not yours – so that only they can manage the booking. This means we often don’t have your information. They may also complete the Ryanair check-in process on behalf of their customers in breach of our General Terms and Conditions of Carriage. For your safety and security, and for the safety and security of your fellow passengers and our crew, the check-in process must be completed by you personally, by a passenger on your booking, or by a duly authorized natural person with personal knowledge of you and of the contents of your luggage – not a bot or third-party travel agent. Verifying your booking also ensures that we have the correct contact information for you so that we can contact you with important itinerary information, including in the event of schedule changes, delays or other service disruptions.