EU-261 Passenger Rights

Passenger Rights

Regulation EU261 are common rules on compensation and assistance of passengers in the event of denied boarding, flight cancellations or long flight delays.


Regulation EU261

EU261 affects passengers departing from/arriving into the European Union and the European Economic Area.

Monetary compensation is determined by the following distances between departure/arrival airports:

  • €250 in respect of all flights of 1,500km or less; or
  • €400 in respect of all intra-EU flights of more than 1,500km and for all other flights between 1,500km and 3,500km; or
  • €600 in respect of all non-internal EU flights of more than 3,500 km.

Applying for Compensation

Customers who wish to submit expenses for travel/transport/or refreshments or a compensation claim following a flight cancellation or delay over 3 hours on arrival can click below to access the EU261 claim form.
We aim to process your claim within 10 days.

Compensation will not be paid for the following reasons:

If the flight delay or cancellation is outside of Ryanair's control,(extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided by all reasonable measures). If you were notified of a flight cancellation more than 14 days in advance of your scheduled departure date. If your flight was delayed and arrives at its final destination with a delay that is less than 3 hours.

Beware of "claims chasers"

Ryanair urges customers with valid EU261 compensation claims to submit their claims directly to Ryanair and avoid “claims chaser” firms who can deduct over 40% of a €250 claim in fees. Customers with valid claims who claim directly from Ryanair will receive 100% of their EU261 compensation entitlement without the deduction of these excessive “claims chaser” fees. Customers may submit claims to Ryanair via our user friendly compensation form.

Compensation Form

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