Family Seating Onboard


Everything you need to know about family seating

Flying with infants and small children can be stressful but here at Ryanair we aim to make the experience stress free. We have introduced family seating which is explained below.

Family Seating Policy

It is mandatory for children under 12 (excl. infants) to be seated next to an adult they are travelling with. In order to minimize customer costs, Ryanair allows a free allocated seat to a maximum of four children per one adult that purchases a seat.

It will not be mandatory for any other adults or teenagers in the booking to reserve a seat; however they may choose to do so.


Reserved seating prices for adults begin at a reduced fee of 4.00 EUR. These seats are available for selection in rows 18-33. Seats in rows 18-33 will be free for children.

Besides cutting down on costs, other benefits include allowing adults to choose where to seat their children. This will also allow adults to check-in for their flight 60 days before departure.

If an adult required to purchase a reserved seat selects a seat in a different row than mentioned above, they must pay the difference in price.

Children will also be charged the full price of these seats.

  What happens if standard €4 seats are not available for selection for everyone on the booking?

If due to high demand the standard €4.00 reserved seats in rows 18-33 are unavailable for everyone on the booking, adults required to purchase a seat can select another reserved seat for the difference in price or try different travel dates.

Free reserved seats for children will then apply to rows 11-15.

For travel in July and August, children will be required to pay the difference in price also.


I need to change my flight and the seats I selected are not available on my new flight

If you choose to change your flight and the seats you selected on your original flight are not available on your new flight, you will be charged the difference if the new seats are more expensive.

If the new seats are cheaper, you will not be refunded the difference.

There are no available seats together on my flight

In the unlikely event that there are no available seats together on your flight, you must accept that you won't be sitting together to proceed with your booking, alternatively you can select a different flight.

Seating information for infants