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1. Booked directly with Ryanair  

Flights disrupted after Nov. 2021
Ryanair Wallet
All refunds will now be issued via your new Ryanair Wallet. You can withdraw your refund from the Wallet to the original form of payment method, or simply use the Wallet balance to pay for new flights.

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Flights disrupted before Nov. 2021
Covid-19 travel vouchers
For customers disrupted due to Covid-19, Ryanair has accommodated customers with free moves, flight vouchers and cash refunds. For more information on Covid-19 related disruptions, click below.

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2. Booked through an online travel agent

Many online travel agents provide Ryanair with incorrect customer contact and payment details. This means we are unable to contact customers and process their refunds.  In order to process refund requests to the customer directly rather than to the online travel agent we require disrupted passengers to verify their identity.

Online verification
You can verify your identity online for a small at cost fee of €0.35.

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Manual Verification
You can also verify your identity manually for free by uploading proof of identity. This takes longer to process than our recommended online verification process.

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In some circumstances your refund may have been paid back to the online travel agent you used in which case you will need to contact your online travel agent in order to recoup your refund. For online travel agents who require a Letter of Authority please click here.

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