Extra Seats


Extra seats can be purchased for comfort

How to book an extra seat

To book an extra seat for comfort go online and select 2 seats. The first seat should be booked in the actual passenger's name and the extra seat should be entered as COMFORT SEAT as the Last Name and EXTRA as the first Name. The name EXTRA COMFORT SEAT will then be displayed on the reservation and online boarding pass.


If you have purchased an extra seat for comfort, please be advised you may not purchase a reserved seat in the emergency rows 1,16 and 17.
Please note that all passengers purchasing an extra seat can use online check-in. The same travel document details must be entered for both seats when checking in online.

  Additional Info

There is no cabin or checked baggage allowance associated with the purchase of an extra seat.
Spanish Resident and Large Family subsidy is not applicable on EXTRA seats
If you chose not to select and purchase a seat and have been allocated seats which are not together please contact our call centre or you can online chat with one of our team.