What music equipment can I bring on board?

You can carry any music equipment with you onboard as long as it fits within your Cabin Bag allowance. For smaller music equipment like guitars or violins that exceed your cabin baggage dimensions, you can opt to pay an extra seat fare for it. To do this, you must purchase an extra flight ticket and seat. To book this extra seat, the word EXTRA must be entered as the first name, and ITEM SEAT must be entered as the surname. To purchase a seat for equipment, click here. There is no checked or cabin baggage allowance associated with the purchase of an extra seat.

If your equipment does not fit in your Cabin Bag allowance and you do not wish to purchase an extra seat, you can choose to check it in against payment of a fee. See our Table of Fees.

If your music equipment weighs more than the 20kg allowance, you will be charged at the applicable excess baggage fee rate per kilo. See our Table of Fees.