Linking a Child or Teen's Booking


Unaccompanied Minors

Ryanair does not allow unaccompanied minors under 16 years to travel. Children under the age of 16 years must always be accompanied by a passenger over 16 years. Escort and special facilities are not available on Ryanair flights.

 Linking a booking

It’s not possible to add a child under 16 to an existing flight reservation, however you can make a new separate reservation if you wish and link the bookings.
The reservation for the child under 16 needs to be booked online (as an adult), once the booking has been made you will need to contact us via chat or you can call our call centre and speak with one of our team to link the child’s booking with an adults booking.

 Fee and Timeframe

Linking the bookings is free if done within 24 hours of making the original adult’s booking. If outside of 24 hours there is a fee of €/£30 to link the bookings together.
Bookings can only be linked up to 4 hours before the scheduled time of departure and cannot be linked at the airport.


Required information

Please ensure that you have the following information when you chat/call:

  • Both flight booking references so that we can cross reference these details in both bookings.
  • The child’s passport/travel documentation details.



Online check-in is not available for a child booked on a separate reservation. The child will need to check-in at the airport (free of charge) in the company of 1 adult passenger from the linked booking. The adult linked to this child booking must complete online check in as usual.


Failure to pay the link fee or to comply with the other requirements will result in the child passenger being unable to travel.

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