Prohibited items onboard and in checked bags


  Prohibited Items onboard a Ryanair flight

  • Guns, Firearms or similar weapons
  • Pointed/edged Weapons & Sharp Objects
  • Blunt Instruments: any blunt instrument capable of causing injury, this includes some sporting equipment such as tennis rackets and baseball bats
  • Explosives and flammable substances: any explosive or highly combustible substance which poses a risk to the health of passengers and crew or the security/safety of aircraft or property.
  • Chemical and Toxic Substances: any chemical or toxic substances which pose a risk to the health of passengers and crew or the security/ safety of aircraft or property

  Prohibited items in a checked bag

You cannot place the following items in your checked baggage:
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Explosives, including detonators
  • Lithium-ion battery operated vehicles (including segways & hoverboards) other than wheelchair/mobility equipment that comply with Ryanair's regulations on mobility equipment
  • Lithium-ion powered Personal Electronic Device (PED) e.g. IPAD/Tablet/mobile phone
  • Firearms including replica or toy guns of all types
  • Gases including propane and butane
  • Flammable liquids
    Oxidizers and organic peroxides
  • Toxic or infectious substances
  • Edible Oil (e.g Olive oil) exceeding 1 liter in volume
  • Any sharp objects in Checked Baggage should be securely wrapped to prevent injury to screeners and handling personnel