Lost/Stolen Documents


Your passport is an important document and should always be kept safe however if your passport is lost or stolen abroad there are some things you can do to make the situation easier to resolve.

  Make a police report

Firstly, you will need go to the nearest police station and report your travel document lost/stolen. Your embassy/consulate will not issue a replacement travel document without a police report.

 Contact your local embassy/consulate

On production of a police report, staff at the embassy/consulate will issue you with a replacement passport that will let you finish your trip or an emergency travel document that will get you home.

 Keep copies of your documents

Keep electronic and paper copies of your passport, and other necessary documents, safe but accessible to you while away (e.g. with a family member at home). A useful idea is to email yourself a scan or picture of your passport and important documents, so that you can access them wherever you are.

 Arrive at the airport

At the airport, make your way to the Ryanair desk where a staff member will check your documentation. If you have all of the required documentation, you will be issued with a boarding pass.

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