At Airport & On Board

Airport & Flight Information

You can use our Day of Travel Assistant on the Ryanair App to get real-time in-app updates about your flight status, gate numbers, and boarding information.

Download the Ryanair App.

Note: The airport info screens will always have the latest info and you should regularly check them during your time at the airport.

Estimated Times at the Airport

The Bag Drop desks open at the latest 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure time and closes 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time unless you are notified otherwise before flight departure. Please check in your baggage as early as possible.

We recommend all passengers arrive at the check-in or bag drop desk at least 2 hours before they are due to fly. If you have booked through an Online Travel Agent, have been required to verify your booking, and wish to do so at the airport, please make sure you arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight. For more details, please see here.

You must be at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before your flight departure time.

Our check-in and bag drop desks open at the latest 2 hours before your scheduled flight departure and close strictly 40 minutes before your flight departure unless you are notified otherwise before flight departure. If you do not check-in by then you may be denied boarding without refund.

We recommend you check the departure airport website for security wait times. Each airport has different security times depending on the time of day and travel season.

Your boarding gate number will be displayed on our Day of Travel Assistant on the Ryanair App and on airport information screens.

You should be at the boarding gate at the latest 30 minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart. This is to prevent a delay to the flight and all other passengers who have boarded on time.

On Board Experience

No. Currently, we do not offer Wi-Fi on our flights. Sorry.

No. We do not have charging facilities on board our flights. Sorry.

Yes. You may use your laptop, tablet, smartphone and other electronic devices on board Ryanair flights. Your device will need to be switched to flight mode for the entire flight duration.

Laptops and larger electronics can be used once the fasten seatbelt sign has been turned off. For safety reasons, these items must be kept in the overhead locker or stored in your bag under your seat when the aircraft is taxiing (moving towards the runway for take-off or towards the terminal after landing), take-off and landing stages of your flight.

We have a variety of meals and snacks available to purchase on board. Check out our Inflight Magazine with all the items you can buy on board.

If you have a nut allergy, please let our Cabin Crew know when you board. We will need to let other customers know that no products containing nuts will be available during the flight.

Yes, duty-free purchases (tobacco and alcohol) may also be available on all flights to the EU from non-EU member states. You may also choose from a wide range of makeup, perfume, and travel essentials, as seen in our Inflight magazine. All purchases on board our aircraft are contactless, with all major credit and debit cards being accepted.

We are focused on doing things sustainably at Ryanair, which is why we no longer issue paper receipts on board our flights. Digital receipts are available on our website, and you can request an e-receipt here.

Lost Property at the Airport / On Board

Our crew are requested to hand over any lost property to the arrival airport staff. You should contact the Lost Property Office at your arrival airport. See relevant contact information here.

Ryanair does not accept any liability for passengers’ hand baggage as it is each passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they carry all their belongings with them at all times when leaving the airport or the aircraft.