Post Check-in Changes


 Adding products after you've already checked-in

Have you checked in for your flight and now you need to add additional trip extras? No problem! Access your trip in Manage Booking and from here you can add bags, fast track, and other travel extras.

Add Trip Extras

 Changing a flight after you're already checked in

If you've already checked in online but now wish to change a flight date or route, you can change your flight below. Once you complete your flight change you will have to check in again for your new flight.  

Change your flight

    1. Select the flight you want to change.
    2. Enter new date of travel and search for flights.
    3. Choose your new flight.
    4. To confirm the change, click “Continue”. This will un-check you in from your original flight(s).
      • Your boarding passes will no longer be valid, even if you have already printed or downloaded them.
      • Keep in mind that even if you do not complete the flight change you will need to check in again for your original flight as the above will uncheck you from your current flight.
      • If you complete the flight change you also must check in for your new flight.
      • Failure to complete check-in for your original or new flights will result in a €55 check-in fee at the airport.

    5. Review the new trip details and any payments required to complete the change.

You can also contact a reservation centre up to one day prior to your flight departure (subject to opening hours) to uncheck you from your flight, but after you will self-serve and change the flight by managing your booking.


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