20kg Check-in Bag

Each passenger can purchase up to 3 checked bags of 20 kilos. In addition to 3 checked bags, passengers can also check-in sports equipment and musical instruments.
See below for further details on checking a bag with Ryanair.

 Adding a bag

Bags can be purchased while booking a flight, during check-in, or using the Manage My Booking facility in the trip extras up to 2 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.
To confirm which bags you currently have booked for your trip, log into your booking in your active trip and select “view itinerary.” In the price breakdown it will list which bags you have booked for your flight.


The pricing for the 20kg Check-in Bag costs between €/£ 20.99 to €/£ 59.99 depending on the route and travel date selected.
*Higher bag fees apply when checked bags are purchased via a Ryanair call centre, at airport ticket desks, during peak periods and on selected routes.


 Checking in your bag

The Bag Drop desks open two hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.
The Bag Drop desks close strictly 40 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. If you miss this deadline your booking could be cancelled without refund and you could be prevented from boarding the plane.

Sharing bag allowance

Customers can pool or share their purchased baggage allowance with other passengers included in the same flight reservation when checking-in together.
For example, if a reservation has two checked bags of 20kg (40 kg in total) one of the bags could weigh 15kg and the other 25kg (40 kg in total).

 Bag dimensions

Make sure you the bag does not exceed 20kg. Any passenger exceeding their personal checked baggage allowance will be charged for excess baggage at the rate prevailing on the day of travel. This is currently £/€11 per kilo (or local currency equivalent).
For health and safety reasons Ryanair does not accept for carriage any individual item exceeding 32 kilos or with combined dimensions of more than 81cms (height), 119cms (width) and 119cms (depth). This weight limit does not apply to mobility equipment.

General Bag Policy

Once purchased, checked bags are non-refundable, are charged per person, per one way flight, and cannot be swapped between passengers or changed to other bag options.